What is the Cheapest Type of Fence? 5 Cheap Fence Options

What is the Cheapest Type of Fence? 5 Cheap Fence Options

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There could be various reasons you want a fence installed on your property; protection, privacy, or aesthetics. However, you may have a limited budget to establish a protective boundary around your home, begging the question, what’s the cheapest type of fence?

This guide outlines the cheap fence options you need to know.


Here Are 5 Cheap Fence Options for Privacy on a Budget

Strapped for cash but want privacy on your property? Here are cheap fence options that deliver a solution!


1: Pallet Wood Fence

Pallet wood is arguably some of the cheapest fence type available, made from pallet wood that can be found very inexpensively or, in many cases, free. Contractors often refer to the material for those on a budget, as wholesalers or home stores will likely have an overstock of the wood.

However, as the material is very cheap, it lacks the quality of other fencing options. You’ll likely be spending quite a bit of time erecting a pallet wood fence, as there will undoubtedly be some issues with sturdiness.


2: Plastic Slats

Plastic slats are another fencing option that comes very cheaply. As the name says, the fence is a long chain link featuring plastic slats to add more privacy than the typical inexpensive options.

The chain link and plastic slat materials are available from almost any DIY and home store. Still, there are also a vast number of options available on eCommerce outlets like Amazon.


3: Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are the preferred cheap fence options for a few reasons; they are elegant looking, offer maximum privacy, and are easy to install. Let’s not forget that they don’t need too much maintenance, either.

However, we note that the aesthetic and positive qualities of the vinyl fence make them the more costly of the cheap options. But if you care about the overall appeal of your enclosure, this might be the ideal choice.


4: Lumber Fence

Lumber fences aren’t the cheapest option, but they are relatively inexpensive and fit the stereotype of fences around the yard. The benefit to the material is that they are robust and long-lasting, ultimately paying for itself if you want a cheap option that stands the test of time.

They will require a little maintenance to get longevity out of them, but doing so means you’ll minimize costs, repairs, and replacements for the future.


5: Chain Link Fence

Finally, we’ll list a very inexpensive option in the chain link fence, used almost exclusively to define a demarcation line between your property and the outside. You can pick up a roll of chain link for next to nothing, but privacy is minimal with this fencing option.

If covering your property isn’t a priority, then a chain link fence could be a good choice. As mentioned earlier, adding coverings, such as plastic slats, are also an option after installation.


Where Can You Get the Cheapest Type of Fence for Your Project?

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Get the privacy you want for your property for less.

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