Installing a Fence

How Long Does It Take for a Fence to be Installed?

Getting a fence installed can be a major boon for your property. You’ll enjoy more privacy with some fence models, and at the very least, a clear, distinct, boundary is created to prevent trespassing, annoying interruptions, and other issues such as neighborhood strays running through your yard.

However, it is a project that takes time, and there are several factors that affect how long it takes to install a fence from start to finish.

Today, the team at Top Fence LLC, the #1 fence company in Jacksonville, is going to take you through those factors to help you get an idea of how long your fence project will take from start to finish.

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The General Timeframe for Fence Installation


There is a general timeframe that you can expect. On average, a full fence installation takes 2-3 days. This includes prepping the property, marking the fence line, digging for posts and buried parts, and of course, putting everything together.

However, that 2-3 days can be more or less based on the following factors.


1: Size of Fence Project


The larger a fence project is, the more time it takes. There’s just simply more to do.


If you have a small backyard you want to be fenced in to keep your dog in the yard, that might only take a day or two. However, a massive product like fencing in a full estate can take a full week if it’s large enough. That’s uncommon, but it does happen, occasionally.


2: Materials


Some materials are easier to work with than others. For example, vinyl fences and prefabricated metal fences typically snap together, and the most work that needs to be done is marking everything out and digging for posts.

The amount of time added or subtracted due to the fence type usually isn’t very substantial but certain material types can add a few hours onto a project.


Installing a Fence: Vinyl Fence

3: Weather


Installing a fence is an outdoor task, and while our team can work in a variety of conditions, there are simply some weather conditions that are too dangerous, or too impactful on the ground, to allow the project to go uninterrupted. 

In that case, a day or two might be required for weather conditions to clear and for ground conditions to stabilize for the safe installation of the fence.


4: Ground Type


The average backyard or general residential property is going to have a fence installed into normal dirt and grass. However, in situations where a fence needs to be installed in or directly against other materials such as concrete, the project can be a little more complex to avoid damaging the installation surface.

Mostly, this type of delay should only add a day to the project, but it’s possible that it can take longer in extreme situations.


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How long does it take to install a fence with Top Fence LLC?

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